Friday 15 May 2020

Vango Banshee Pro 200 v Naturehike Tagar (Taga) 2 Tent

Vango Banshee Pro 200 v Naturehike Tagar (Taga) 2

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OK, so I am going to cut to the chase 

These are 2 great tents but for different reasons. Is one better than the other? I don't think so, but I will be using them in different circumstances. 

What they have in common - 

Both cost around the same, in a round £100. The Tagar 2 I got from AliExpress (delivery time was about 10 days) and the Banshee I got from Millets (They both pitch all as one, so they are great for wet weather. They are both quick to pitch and light enough to carry when hiking. They both have vestibules for gear.

The Vango Banshee 200 Pro 


The Vango Banshee 200 Pro is a solid, durable (for the most part), dependable tent with a well established brand. It would keep you secure and dry in all conditions. It has a flysheet and an inner. Pitch this tent right and it is going no where! Its sold as a 2 person tent but really when you include your gear its just the right size for one person, it has useful features, is built our of strong material and is going to last.  It has 2 doors, one on each side of the tent for easy access / entry. This is also useful if its warm or you just want to let a bit more of the outdoors in. You can put it up in about 5-7 mins, its an all in one pitch (great for wet weather) and has a great stuff sack meaning you can get it back down again and away in no time at all. 


Its weight, its not heavy, not at all, at about 2.5kg it is very reasonable but its not light either. Also when it comes to durability, the only thing that concerns me is the floor. Its a good bathtub construction but I do fear what would happen if I accidentally pitched this on a stone or if rocky soil was my only option for a pitch. Vango used to sell footprints for this tent but I don't seem to see any available online. If you see any be sure to let me know in the comments! Also this is sold as a 2 man tent, but really its only suitable for one person and their gear. There is limited headroom, and the tent side slope at steep angles making it feel a little cramped for anything other than sleeping. 

Naturehike Tagar (Taga) 2


This is an ultralight tent. It weights 1.4kg. That is a full 1kg (2.2lb) lighter than than Banshee. This is a big plus if you are hiking, every bit of weight you can shave off makes for a much more enjoyable hike.  It is much much more spacious, better headroom with more usable space at the foot and head. You could probably sleep 2 adults in this without it feeling too cramped with room for the gear in the 2 vestibules. 


Lightweight means lighter material, means it maybe not be as durable. It sits taller when pitched so might be more susceptible to wind, especially if pitched side on. The single skin construction may mean that condensation is more noticeable but there is decent ventilation so should be too much of an issue. There is no stuff sack so putting the tent away takes a few seconds longer than the Banshee and I am just a little bit concerned about the metal used to keep the air vents open, would be worth keeping them in mind when folding the tent up.

Key Spec's taken from their websites: 

Vango Banshee 200 Pro Key Features

Vango Banshee Pro 200

WEIGHT 2.39kg
PACKSIZE 46.0 x 16.0cm

  • Flysheet: Protex RS - Strong, durable fabric, now with a ripstop weave providing 13% more strength. Waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 5000mm.
  • Yunan Eco Alloy Poles - Extremely high quality poles made with acid free processing by Yunan. These poles provide excellent strength in high winds as well as being very light.
  • Tunnel tent - Style provides greatest space to weight ratio
  • Flysheet and inner pitch together - Quick and easy to pitch and pack
  • Pre-angled poles - Achieve greater internal space than with a standard curve. Provides effective bracing against side winds
  • Patented Vango TBS® II Tension Band System - increases tents performance in adverse conditions, especially in strong, changeable winds. When tensioned, the bands brace the pole at 3 points, and prevent sideways movement. Adjust TBS® II to remove slack. Do not over tension, as this may deform the poles. Can be stowed away in calm weather
  • Walking pole attachment eyelet in door - Prop up the door with a walking pole to create a sheltered porch
  • 70 denier, 6000mm lightweight polyester groundsheet - Waterproof, durable and reliable
  • Breathable polyester inner - Allows condensation to pass through, for a comfortable night's sleep
  • Twin flysheet doors - Allows easier access for two or more occupants, and/or additional storage
  • Flysheet door vent - Open from the top to ventilate porch
  • Inner pockets - Conveniently positioned pockets for organising essential items
  • Fast pack tent bag - Oversized opening for easy packing and compression straps to control pack size
  • Line-Lok guyline runners - Lock securely, simple to release and high performance in all conditions
  • Multiple reflective points - On pegging points for visibility in low light
  • Vivid reflective high strength guylines - Provides high visibility in low light
  • Factory taped seams - All flysheet and groundsheet seams are factory taped, giving a water tight seal
  • Weather tested beyond the European standard EN5912 by certified test centre
  • Fire retardant fabrics - Exceeds European EN5912 safety standard
  • Mesh Ceiling Storage Pocket - Convenient and easy to reach storage pocket on ceiling of tent

Naturehike Tagar (Taga) 2 NH17T180-J

Key Features:

WEIGHT 1.39kg
PACKSIZE 44.0 x 10.0cm

Tent fly: 20D nylon coated silicone
Tent fly: PU4000MM
B3 breathable mesh
Bottom tent: 20D nylon coated silicone
Poles: 7001 Aluminum
Accessories: Duraflex buckles & aluminum nails


Naturehike is establishing itself as a well priced company with a growing reputation. This tent is ultralight and perfect for hiking. There are somethings that could be improved upon in the Tagar 2, the floor could be more durable, the airvent props changed and a stuff sack provided would make this a 5 star tent. Hopefully we can look forward to these improvements in the future. 

The Vango Banshee Pro 200 is a tried and tested tent, its pretty much almost bomb proof and a great piece of kit for the price. 

I would recommend both tents but for different reasons and purposes. 

Saturday 9 May 2020

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